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To construct a square or rectangular frame you need a Corner Kit consisting of 8 Corner Joints. These come in 3 sizes:

  •  JKC 150 for 3.5metre by 3.5metre bay

  •  JKC 100 for 2.5metre by 2.5metre bay

  •  JKC 75 for 1.5 metre by 1.5 metre bay


The system is modular, so if you want larger buildings then we supply Extension Kits (JKE) for each size.  These allow the creation of infinite bays - how big is your land?  If space is limited, then reduce the timber lengths until the frame will fit in the required space. The Roof Joint (JKR) allows you to construct a pitched roof but without this a flat/pent roof can be simply added.

Typical Frame

Corner Joint

The corner joint kit components are used to begin constructing your timber framed building

There are 3 Sizes 

JKC150 for 3.5 metre spans

JKC100 for 2.5 metre spans

JKC75 for 1.5 metre spans

The Box Includes 

16 x L Shaped Panels

16 x Mortise Panels

 8  x Vertical Panel

16 x Locking Pegs

100 Hex head coach screws

Extension Joint

There are 3 Sizes 

JKE150 for 3.5 metre spans

JKE100 for 2.5 metre spans

JKE75 for 1.5 metre spans

The Box Includes 

8 x T Shaped Panels

12 x Mortise Panels

12 x Locking Pegs

60 Hex head Screws

Roof Joint

2 or 3 roof joints are needed for a pitched roof to support the ridge.

Each joint comprises

1 x ridge panel

2 x ridge trays

10 x Hex head coach screws

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